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Leudwig Huber b.1940 d.1993 Defuniak Springs, Fl
Carson Cromartie
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Looking for any information on my grandfather, mother's father, Leudwig Huber. He and my grandmother divorced early in my mother's life, and therefore she knows little about him, and therefore I know nothing as well. Both are immigrants from Germany, however I have found very little information in terms of record about either of my Mother's parents prior to moving to the US. Leudwig died in early 1993 in the panhandle area of Florida, in where I believe is Walton County. I know absolutely nothing about his parents, or his past, and therefore am having a difficult time learning about his life and that part of my family tree. I do know, that Leudwig married my grandmother, Claudia Kappler (currently alive) in northern Germany during 1959. Both migrated to the US around in 1961, and had my mother early in 1962. They divorced when my mother was young, but I’m not certain the age. My mother is my grandmother's only child, but she has a step-sister (after there divorce) Diana Huber, who is also Leudwig's daughter. We have lost contact with this side of the family, so no information could be obtained from her. Any information you could provide about Leudwig's birth, parents, ancestry, and family history would be extremely beneficial to discovering more about this side of my family-tree. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Carson Cromartie Researching: Huber & Kapplers
Carson Cromartie
Storrs Mansfield, CT
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