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samuel radmore clampit (1852-19??)
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message for Gary Bays

Researching Samuel Radmore Clampit - carpenter- married twice -1st Maryanne Scammell and second Eleanor Amelia Hogwood I am unable to find his death. He was my husband's grandfather I have run out of ideas can you please help

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RE: samuel radmore clampit (1852-19??)
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Not a good idea to omit dates and locations and sources etcetera. He isn't the only oddity with these folk, there are several discrepancies in the records, and also, there is no death record for his possible sons Samuel and James. The UK General register Office BMD registers do contain many errors, and quite a few of them seem to apply to these folk. I'm also wondering if you are chasing the correct target. Your guy is the 1852 Devon born carpenter, but could it be that it's his son who is

your husband's grandfather.

Scammell should be spelled Scannell.

Samuel Radmore Clampit b 1852 Jan/Feb/March Birth registered Newton Abbott in Devon

1881 census says he was born in nearby Teignmouth in Devon

He was indeed a carpenter and was the only person born with Radmore in his name SCANNELL, Mary Anne & CLAMPIT, Samuel Radmore m 1874 Kensington In the last quarter of 1880 they have a son called Samuel born in Fulham In the 1911 census a single man called Samuel Radmore Clampit is listed in Fulham living as a lodger, he is a telephonist and is listed as 34 year old and born in 1877, presumably he is really the son born in 1880 and he seems to be using Radmore although his birth was registered only as Samuel. 1881 census Fulham wife is Annie b 1851 1881 census says she was born in Somersetshire 1891 census Fulham wife is Mary Ann b 1853 1891 census says she was born in Midsome Norton in Somersetshire No such births registered, the nearest match is a birth in Whitechapel in 1851 Death CLAMPIT Mary Ann London, Fulham July/August/September 1891 aged 40 = a birth year of circa 1851 HOGWOOD, Eleanor Amelia & Samuel the carpenter m 1897 Kensington 1901 census Fulham says wife = Eleanor a cook aged 28 born in 1873 in Bermondsey London, actually it was July/August/September 1872. Neither the parents nor their 3 children in the 1901 census reappear in the 1911 census. The 2 daughters in the 1901 census...both die in Southwark in 1814 and 1915. Amelia A. b 1898 Mary E. b 1900 There is also a son James, no death record for him. Eleanor dies in Lambeth in 1945. I think that Samuel the 1880 Fulham son married in 1912 in Wandsworth as Samuel R. Clampit to Florence E. Rook No children's births registered to that marriage. I have an idea when she was born and died but there is an additional anomaly,with another similarly named, and probably unrelated person, but which is nevertheless bizarre. Eileen Florence Clampit died on 28th December 1999 and was cremated on 11th January 2000 in Islington Crematorium, BUT, there is no death registration listed, although there must have been a death registration, or else the cremation would not have been permitted to proceed. My guess is that if you find some of these graves, you might also find some of the missing people there. GRO registration errors could be the cause of the problem, but perhaps they died in London air raids and were identified. You didn't say when your husband was born, so we don't know when his

father was last definitely alive.

Who is Gary Bays. ?

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