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UK STANLEY's - London MDX region
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Hi everyone...... thought it was worth a try seeing if anyone out there has my Grandfather and his elusive ancestors hiding deep in their family history.  *SIGH*  Wouldn't you think having names like Francis Stanley Stanley (b abt 1840)and his son Walter Alexander Stanley Stanley, (master mariner and then labourer post-WWI, born 1880 and died in 1943) would be a real cinch to find?  Wrong!  Anyway, these two are from London, Middlesex, England - although there is a promising candidate in the 1881C in London England.  A master mariner from Machias Park, Maine.  Alas a fire roared through machias around 1840 when this Francis would have been born there and all records were lost. 

Today I found a Charles STANLEY and Mary Ann WATKINS who baptized their twin sons - Francis Stanley Stanley and Edward Stanley in 1831 in  West hackney, Mdx, England - so I am very timidly entering it as a "maybe fingers, toes and eyes crossed" entry as parents for my Ggrandfather. 

I would be so grateful if anyone has heard of these two men........ for the sake of my sanity. 

 thanks from a steamy hot Australia.


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