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Splitting an mported family into various families from one multifamily tree
Edwin Reffell
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I have been directed back and forth using the FAQs without success to find out if or how I can divide up the tree with all the people I have just imported since I did not know MyHeritage limits the free publishing to 250 people before I made the gedcom. Therefore i would be very grateful if someone would tell me if or how I can make gedcoms of the various branches I have included in what I have just imported. My main tree is of my father's and my mother's ancestors but I have included everyone I could find with my father's surname and all the various inlaws of my father's and my mother's families. If I had known before about the limits I would have made a different gedcom to import to MyHeritage. Do I have to make new gedcoms to import to MyHeritage? My aim in adding my tree to MyHeritage is to allow others searching my families to see and use the information I have gathered over the years I have done family searching. I do not need a website and I already have a family tree program which I am satisfied with. Thank you for helping.
Edwin Reffell
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