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My italian Family
Daniel Decevito
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Looking for descendents  with the surname Dicivita from Galllucio area of Italy

Some descendents are

Giovanni / Anna DiTorrio

Carmine / Catherina DeLorenzo

Antonio / Assunta Tatone

TKS  Danny


Daniel Decevito
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RE: My italian Family
Linda Rooney Hess
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If you do a search on www.familysearch.org for the name Carmine DeLorenzo you will find a lot of entries. The 1905 NY Census shows a Carmine DeLorenzo  lived on Mulberry St., and then when you look at the 1898 immigration record it looks like this person lived on Mulberry St. There are also some  naturalization records listed.

Try looking for the other names on www.familysearch.org. It is free.

 I'm not related to this family but I like helping people out. Many people helped me along the way.

Good luck and enjoy searching and looking at these leads. Let me know if you need any help. 

Linda Rooney Hess
Millsboro, DE
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RE: My italian Family
Linda Rooney Hess
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Do you have an approximate date of birth or possible places they may have lived? Any ideas about whether or not they left Italy for another country?
Linda Rooney Hess
Millsboro, DE
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RE: My italian Family [2]
Daniel Decevito
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Tks for reply

the only info i can find is as follows

Antonio immigrated from Italy in1903  via new york  / born 1888 italy possibly Gallucio

Carmine   born  July 1853  where ?

Giovanni  no info

No info on their wives    Hoping to find info as were they were born so i can  zero in on an area to resume my searches

TKS Danny Decevito

Daniel Decevito
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RE: My italian Family [3]
Linda Rooney Hess
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I found what could be Antonio on the Ellis Island website traveling with his wife Anna. It has some handwriting that says he is returning to the US, had resided in US over 5 years. His nearest relative or friend listed is R. M. Piani. It looks like he knows the two parties on the manifest above him because they also show R. M. Piani as the nearest friend or relative.

Here is the link to this page:   


There is a Tony Tatom on the 1920 US Census but his wife's name is Mary so I don't know if this is the same man. Here are some of the details from the census:


Name:Tony Tatom
Event Type: 
Event Year:1920
Event Place:Benington Township City Toluca 3rd, Marshall, Illinois
Marital Status:Married
Birth Year (Estimated):1887
Relationship to Head of Household:Self
Father's Birthplace: 
Mother's Birthplace: 
Household ID:86
Sheet Number:26
GS Film number:1820391
Digital Folder Number:4300555
Image Number:00907
SELFTony TatomM33yItaly
WIFEMary TatomF27yItaly
DAUAnnie TatomF3yIllinois
SONPeter TatomM5yIllinois
SONBenard TatomM1y3mIllinois
 Benny MarshallM42yItaly

 There are several ship records on the Ellis Island website. I will give you the links so you can view them. These ship manifests have a lot of information on them about where they were going, where they came from, plus information of about people they knew in the country they came from and they country they were visiting. I think it said on one that Antonio could not read so this could partially account for the spelling variations of the last name.





If these links don't work for some reason let me know. 

Linda Rooney Hess
Millsboro, DE
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