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Cassy Isabella Woodley
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Hi! I have been looking for relatives from the Woodley side of my family with no success. From what I know, the Woodley name was given to the african-descent woodleys from a slaveowner. I've found some records on a David Woodley and William Woodley who were both slave owners in Louisiana and North Carolina. Anyways, here's a little background on my Woodleys, please message me if you think we can help each other: My great grandfather was Western William Woodley who was apparently born in Jamaica around 1899- this is not verifiable so it could be somewhere else and died around 1944 in haiti. Also the "Western" may or may not have been apart of his name. My grandfather George Jonathan Woodley was born in Haiti in 1940 to my great grandfather and my great grandmother Elizia or Erzulia Lazard, of Spanish and Haitian descent. He died in 1981 in montrals. His sister is Isabelle Woodley, born in haiti as well in 1937 and still alive. Please message me if you think we can help each other. Thanks!
Cassy Isabella Woodley
Montreal, Canada
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