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RICHMOND family-Trenton, New Jersey
Emily Tremoureux
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I'm searching for information about my great-grandparents from Vilnius, Lithuania. My great-grandmother, Ida ALBERT (b. 1879), married Benjamin RICHMOND  (c. 1880) on Jan. 24 in Trenton, New Jersey. Ida and Benjamin had two children, Ruth and Emil (my grandfather). The ALBERT and RICHMOND families appear to have settled in Trenton, NJ with several siblings and/or cousins. Benjamin had a brother, Israel RICHMOND, a sister, Fannie RICHMOND, and a cousin? Samuel RICHMOND in Trenton, NJ. Israel and Benjamin owned a tire shop in Trenton for many years. Apparently, Benjamin may have had a 2nd "secret" family, but this is unconfirmed.  I believe Benjamin died in a car accident in the 1930s, but I do not know much about his family or their lives before immigrating to the U. S. I'm searching for any leads that might provide a better picture. Thanks, Emily
Emily Tremoureux
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