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Lost Twin- Boston MA
Stacey Tetreault
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I am looking for information on a child of John Francis Murray and Mary O'Malley.
Info I know.
His children are: [Years are estimated]
Mary Angela (1888)
John "Jack" Francis Jr. (1890)
James D (1892)
Sarah (H)elen (21 Aug 1893)
William Owen (9 May 1896)
Joseph Patrick (9 May 1896)
Agnes "Jennie" Jane (1898)
There were TWO sets of twins which my grandmother told me [and is in the article below]. My grandmother's niece used to be very into genealogy and always thought that Joe and Jennie were twins and the other set died, but one twin from each set died.
In the article attached it mentions that the eldest set of twins (Joseph and William) were 3 when their father died and the youngest set 18 mos, meaning Jennie has to be half of the other set.
But... I can't find any information about this other twin.
Also we[my family] don't know how old William and this other twin were when they died, just they were very young. The article states that there were only 6 children so I'm guessing that William and the other twin died as infants?
I have been able to find information on William & Joseph but nothing on Jennie or this other twin.
Any help would be VERY appreciated. 
[Sorry if I rambled a bit, I hope everything makes sense.]
Stacey Tetreault
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