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My Davidson Family.Saw a post by Larry W Davidson and Anita Thomer
Greg Davidson
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when I was a boy my Great Aunt Lucy Davidson Smith had a real old family bible. She said it was Granny Lizzys bible.Granny Lizzy was ELIZABETH CHARLTON DAVIDSON.As far as I know she married WILLIAM DAVIDSON 1785 Montgomery County VA. Until recently.I havent done any research in Lord knows how long until a week or two weeks ago.I saw something about a professor from Blacksburg,VA who died.She was a Davidson (maiden name-) and a professor from VA Tech.I got interested in finding out if we were related.So I went back to sites I knew.Had never heard of MyHeritage until today.In the process of looking for the professor I ran across a post by Bill Davidson from the Davidson DNA site.He mentioned there was no proof WILLIAM DAVIDSON who married ELIZABETH CHARLTON were our 5th great grandparents.I know full well I read that Davidson-Charlton bible many times and either I had been reading lies from a BIBLE (dont think so) or the oldest members of my family who I drove to Henry County TN for a family reunion in 73 or 74 were showing us graves of people who were not related to us at all.Well since I am only 62 years and almost three months old I wasnt around in 1785 when William and Elizabeth Charlton Davidson married.If you see this Bill Davidson I am not mad at you I just want to find out for sure or as sure as possible if William and Elizabeth Davidson are my line ? I know the death certificate of THOMAS C DAVIDSON 1911 said CHARLTON and Mary not Sally BARKSDALE were his parents.And the death certificate of Thomas C Davidson my 2nd great grandpa Davidson 1921 said WILLIAM and ElLIZA PARISH DAVIDSON were his parents.Davidson kinfolks if you can unconfuse me it sure would be appreciated. Greg Davidson

Greg Davidson
Princeton, KY
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