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Quinn\'s of Edna, Tx. Jackson County
Mary Jo Gossett
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My Grandmother was Dora Mae Quinn born 10-23-1894. Married Henry Otto Hack in 1911.Grandmother died in Edna, Tx. 3-3-1936.My Daddy is Floyd Alvin Hack and was 7 years old when his mother died. Daddy remembers his mother may have had 5 sisters plus a brother,Monroe Quinn. Dave Quinn was a sherriff in the 1800's and was kin-possibly a brother. Grandmother and Grandaddy had 5 children and they were all raised in Edna, Texas.Their children: Robert Monroe Hack b 8-18-1912 d 2-15-1994; Myrtle Lee Hack b 9-26-1913 d 9-21-1995, Ruby Mae Hack b 1-31-1918 d 2-21-2008; Bessie Louise Hack b 7-11-1922 d 9-23-1997; and Floyd Alvin b 10-7-1928 still living. Uncle Robert;wife and son, and Aunt Myrtle are buired in Edna, Texas. Daddy is still living.I need information on the Quinn side of the family. I am new at this and I need all the help I can get!!!Thank you so much for your time.
Mary Jo Gossett
Tatum, TX
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