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Looking for missing family.
Joyce Patton
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I am trying to get information on families with the surname Heard which is sometime spelled Herd or Hurd. My grandfather was Will Heard. In the census records of 1920 he was living with his wife (my grandmother Elizabeth "Lena" Robinson-Heard and my father Sylvester Herd in San Jacinto County, TX. I have not been able to find any other information on him either before or after 1920. According to the information provided in the 1920 census Will was born 1873 in Missouri. His father is listed as having been born in Missouri and his mother in Australia. I have no idea what their names might have been or if he had siblings. I have been told he may have had a different surname name possibly (Owens) before he showed up in San Jacinto County. He is alledged to have committed a crime and might have changed his name. 

 My father was his only known child so we have no idea who our Herd - Owens family is or might have been. I believe Will died in San Jacinto County sometime  between 1925 and 1940. Not much to go on I know but maybe someone out there has some information.  Please let me know if any of this sounds familar to you. I am eager  like to speak with anyone who has information and will be happy to share any information I have collected with you. I can be contacted at joy4288@hotmail.com or via my cell phone, the number is 832-882-3408.


Joyce Patton

Joyce Patton
Houston, TX
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