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my Metis family tree
(Bunnie) Bernice Eileen Madelaine Therese Trepanier
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My Great Grandfather was Dolphis Smith, born:Jan. 31, 1880(Metis) He was the son of Henri Smith and Elise Parenteau.Both parents are Metis as well.

Dolphis Smith married Marie Virginie Cayen(born March 27, 1882)(Metis). They married October 17, 1901. One of their daughters (Delia Smith)was my Grandmother who was Metis as well.

Delia Smith's husband was Felicien Bonthoux, who came from France in 1911 to Duck Lake, SK.Delia Smith was married August 18, 1925 in Bellevue, Saskatchewan.These are my Grandparents.

Marie Virginie Cayen's parents are Alexandre Cayen(JR)and Marie Adeline Piche(my Great Great Grandparents). Marie Adeline Piche would marry a second time after her first husbands death. Marie Adeline Piche had only 3 children with Alexandre Cayen(JR)(known as Alexandre (goudreau/boudreau)Cayen(JR), she would have many more children with her 2nd husband "Louis Bourassa". My Great Great Grandmother's 2nd marriage was to Louis Bourassa(Petit Louis).

(Bunnie) Bernice Eileen Madelaine Therese Trepanier
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