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George Boyd (1779ish
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I require some help in establishing where my 4x great grandfather was from I have found information on familysearch.org suggesting that he was living in the All Saints parish in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1779, however I have seen a census in 1841 with the correct wife of Jane stating that he was from Yorkshire. I know that he married Jane Lumsden on 15/07/1804 at All Saints in Newcastle upon Tyne. He had 6 children 3 of which I have dates of birth for. Thomas b. 01/07/1806, Mary b. 05/09/1808 and John b. 10/02/1811, The baptisms for Thomas & Mary both state that he was Tailor and he came from Tanfield in County Durham.  I have checked the Parish Register for Tanfield and also the Parish Register of All Saints and there is no record of him in either. There is also a suggestion that he may have been Scottish.

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