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William Hollis 1747-1833 or 1765-1833
Sherry Roman
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I need help in answering the puzzle of William Hollis, son of James Hollis (1728-1801) and Sarah Hall (1730-1814).  I have seen several birth dates of 1747 and many with 1765.  It seems to be agreed that he was born in Fairfax, Virginia and died in Autauga, Alabama.  His wives are also a puzzle as the choices seem to be: Emily Unknown, Elizabeth Reed, Susan E. Birdsong, Susan Emily Birdsong, Yona-Qu-Sadui, and Emily Reed.  It seems he was probably married more than once.  Strangely enough Susan Birdsong and Yona-Qu-Sadui have the same birth and death years.  When I Google Susan Birdsong, I don't get any information on her.  In addition, there doesn't seem to be any sources for the above.  If you have information or ideas that might help solve these puzzles, please reply!
Sherry Roman
Big Spring, TX
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