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Help with my Maltese roots please
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My Grandfather was born in Rabat Malta in 1901. He was called Carmelo but his full Christian names  (according to his birth certificate) were Carmelo Paolo Vincenzo Vittorio Alberto.
He was the son of a British serviceman by the name of George Lambert (not stated on the birth certificate) and a Maltese lady by the name of Carmela Scerri.  Carmelo’s baptismal lines suggest that his Mother’s full name could have been Carmela Maria Scerri but this is open to interpretation due to the age and condition of the document.
On the 1911 census (Uk) She was entered as Carmina and not Carmela and when she died she was listed as Carmenia on her death certificate.  She was also known as Caramina and Carmen. She was born in Floriana around 1879/1880 and lived in Rabat before moving to England with Carmelo when he was about 18 months old in about 1902/03. Her father’s name was Vincenzo Scerri and It is possible that her Mother was a lady known as Philomena Camilleri.  I believe she had a sister called Mary who possibly married a Englishman with the surname of Bradley and she came to live in or near Kettering Northants in England. There was also a relative who was a candle maker who we believe to be a Bartoli from the Rabat area and there was a relative who we believe was a priest as we heard talk of a Father Joe.
The last relative we knew of was a Gentleman called Reyno/reno Scerri who used to spend a lot of time in the British Legion in Valetta. 
Sadly he died in 1984 and we believe his children emigrated to Canada.  
I know for a fact that there were two cousins to my Grandad living in and around Valletta in 1969.  There was a “Ronnie Xerri” of  4/1 Market Street Floriana and there was a “Carmen Scerri” of 42 Fountain Street Valletta.
There are also letters received in 1921 that give the name Dolly Bartoli of 21 St Publius street Floriana Malta. She signs her letters as “Aunt Dolly” and in her letters she talks of the death of her sister Berneditta’s son named Joseph who the war had taken to his grave at the age of 20.  She also talks of the death of “Aunt Caramena” who died on the 5th December 1921.
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