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Looking for Michael Joseph Moran that lived in California around 1978...
Mindi Taylor
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Hello, I am looking for Michael Joseph Moran. He briefly dated a lady named Mary in 1978, and she ended up becoming pregnant with his twin boys. They were born in January of 1979 in Newport Beach, California. Not long after that, she lived in Lodi, California and ended up in Las Vegas, NV.

I am married to one of the twins, and we now have 2 children of our own. I would like to get in contact with Michael, and so would his lost son. If you have any information, please let me know. 

All Mary remembers is that he worked in a dentist's office, and he may have had family in Pennsylvania or Pittsburg.

He was around 6 feet tall, with kinky red hair, and said he was Irish. That's all we know.

Thank you for your time... 

Mindi Taylor
Overland Park, KS
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