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My Great GrandFather Dolphis(Delphis) Smith
(Bunnie) Bernice Eileen Madelaine Therese Trepanier
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I am looking for info on my Great GrandFather Dolphis (Delphis)Smith. I know he married Marie Virginie Cayan(she was born March 27 1882 at Duck Lake Saskatchewan) His wife's parents were Alexandre Cayan(junior) and Marie Adeline Piche(they had 3 children Marie Virginie Cayen,St. Pierre Cayen and Florenstine Cayen) Alexander died before 1900 and his wife remarried to Louis Bourassa. Dolphis mother-in-law's(Marie Adeline Piche) 2nd husband was (petite)Louis Bourassa.

I need to know when Dolphis Smith was born and where? Who his parents were? Is Dolphis is second name or did he have a first or middle names?Was he Metis? Was he born in Manitoba or Saskatchewan?

Dolphis Smith and his wife Marie Virginie Cayen had the following children: Alfred,Lexina(Marie?),Adelia(my grandmother born Aug. 3, 1904),georgina,joseph,mike,Johnny,Agnes,Ernest,Leon. They lived in the Humboldt District of Saskatchewan during the census of 1906 and near or in the towns of St Louis Saskatchewan, and St. Isidore de Belllevue,NWT(saskatchewan).In the 1906 census my great grandparents were older than in the 1916 census . In the 1916 census they were younger, the only thing that stayed the same were their children ages.Thank goodness I had my Grandmother's birthdate and birth certificate. Remember that my great grandmother went by Marie and sometimes went by her middle name Virginie(this drove me nuts in my research and even did this when she registerted her children's birth).

Also if anyone knew my Grand mother Delia Smith (parents Dolphis Smith and Marie Virginie Cayen). My Grandmother(Delia Smith) married Felicien Bonthoux(1srt Marriage),and would marry two more times, 3rd husband was George Bell.Could give me infor on her parents or what you know or were told. It all helps. 

If anyone has any info pleas email me at trepanierb@hotmail.com. Thank you so much!


(Bunnie) Bernice Eileen Madelaine Therese Trepanier
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