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Overcome a dead end with a Nottingham
nick young
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Hi All,

I am having an issue with two (or so) people in my tree and would like some advice on how to proceed. I have the following two individuals.

  1. Joseph Richard Nottingham
  2. Theresa Louise Bromley, b. 1862, Redditch, Worcestershire

I am 100% sure they are correct, and believe they are married.  Or at least I assume they got married as they had children together and various family members tell me they were married.

Anyway, I am trying to trace them back further but that's where the problems come in. Other members of the family have traced them back all with different lineages and I want to be 100% sure I have the correct ones.

This is what I have done, but need advice.

  1. Assuming they did get married I searched for a marriage between the above between 1860 and 1890.
  2. Only one marriage showed that matched.
  3. order a marriage certificate. The certificate shows Josephs father as:
    • Richard Nottingham, Vet. Surgeon.
  4. I search for Joseph's birth, around 1860 give or take a decade.  I find only one candidate. Well only one that I can see to be the most likely.
  5. I order the birth certificate and find father noted as Joseph Nottingham, Gen Labourer.

So the father of Joseph is different between the birth and marriage certificate.  A few possibilities occur to me:

  1. It is the same person and he is using his middle name on one, i.e. he is Richard Joseph Nottingham or Joseph Richard Nottingham, and just using which he pleases.  The issue then is his occupation changes from Gen. Lab to Vet Surgeon which seems a big change to me.
  2. They are not the same person.

So the question is What/How do I solve this?

My instinct says the marriage certificate is correct, but then where is his birth?

I would appreciate any advice?



nick young
Great Britain
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