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Malayan Births, Marriages and Deaths
Jeffery Shin Liang SEOW
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Just started this website and am regularly adding to it.http://malayan-b-m-d.blogspot.com/These are basically newspaper inserts at the time of the events, which sometimes contain biographical data.Entries to date, at time of writing:Chiu Un Eng, death 21 June 1935, PenangCheah Hood Seng, death November 1905, PenangLady Rasada (Mrs. Khaw Sim Bee), death December 19...Koay Thean Chin, death 29 November 1928, PenangChan Ley Kum also known as Claude Ley Kum, death 1...Ong Kim Cheng, death July 1928, PenangTay Gaik Leng, death August 1923, PenangKhoo Soo Ee, death April 1934, PenangBeh Khim Khoe, death June 1937, PenangK. Muthusamy Pillay, death 27 December 1926Goh Eu Chye, death February 1896Chong Ghee Long, death 25 March 1909, SingaporeLim Eow Kay, death June 1930, PenangEwe Hock Chye, death April 1935, PenangMrs. Ong Keok Meng, death June 1935, PenangElsie Cheah El See and Freddie Choong Ewe Eong, ma...Eddy Choong Ewe Beng and Margerie Thean Sun Lin, m...Mrs. Choong Lye Hin, death March 1933, PenangDuncan Chew, birth 24 July 1954, PenangJunie Choong Kheng Eng and John Kenneth Chong Kwok...Louise Tio Seng Khuan and Choong Gim Seong, marria...Missy Choong and Ong Hun Chong, marriage October 1...Lim Liew Saik (Mrs Choong Lye Hock), death 25 Dece...Choong Lye Hock, death 13 February 1960, PenangChoong Sim Gay and Chua Keat Siew, marriage 20 Sep...Choong Eng Heng, death September 1928, PenangKhoo Sian Ewe, death January 1964, PenangMrs. Heah Ah Kia, death March 1950, PenangHeah Swee Lee, death November 1924, PenangYeoh Guan Seok, death 16 April 1926, PenangSaw Oh Peng, death 30 September 1940, PenangYeo Chin Kee, death 27 December 1928, PenangHarry George William Caunter (H. G. W. Caunter), d...A. P. Sultan Mydin, death 25 August 1933, PenangJames Richardson Logan (J. R. Logan), death 20 Oct...Lim Boon Haw, death 9 January 1933, PenangChung Chin Ho, death January 1930, PenangTan Chuan Keong (Mrs. Ong Heng Moh), death June 19...Mrs. Oh Eng Hong, death 24 November 1940, PenangMrs. Neoh Ean Teik, death 24 November 1940, Penang...Chan Wah Hem, death 17 October 1929, PenangLim Teng Lim, death 12 April 1966, PenangKhoo Swee Bee and Lim Teng Lim, marriage 18 Octobe...Khoo Heng Pan, death 19 March 1934, PenangMadam Lee Hong See, death March 1930, PenangNeoh Siew Hong (Mrs Yeoh Geok Keat), death June 19...Khaw Lam Chuan, death August 1935Koh Siew Kin (Mrs. Goh Boon Khim), death August 19...Mrs. Khoo Hong Tat, death July 1951Lim Beng Hong, (Mrs. B. H. Oon) and Oon Wan Leong,...Oon Kheng Leong, death 1933, BankaK. S. Subbiah, death October 1930, PenangCheang Fook Khoon, death January 1935, PenangCheam Cheow Heng, death March 1913, PenangGoh Eng Choon, death 1938, SingaporeS. V. S. Manium, death 8 August 1938, PenangLim Siew Neoh, death February 1934, PenangTan Ee Neoh (Mrs. Wee Swee Boo), death February 19...Chew Cheng Keat, death 26 October 1927, PenangLeong Lim, death May 1953, PenangNyak Mohamed Amin bin Mohamed Salleh, death July 1...M. M. Marican Noordin, 12 July 1927, PenangMrs. Lee Eng Hock, death September 1933, PenangM. M. Noordin, death 14 January 1924, PenangMrs. Yeo Boon Wan, death 2 Mar 1934, PenangFoo Choo Choon, death 4 May 1921, PenangLau Tiong King, death 17 May 1965, SingaporePhuah Noy Eng, death May 1965, SingaporeLee Man Fong, death 3 April 1988, JakartaLiew Yook Yin (Mrs. Lim Kheng Boon/K.B. Lim), deat...Ooi Kee Wan, death 3 April 1988, PenangChan Wing Lim @ Chan Keng Lim, death 5 April 1988,...Koh Lian Hoe, death 4 April 1988, SingaporeWong Nyet Ngo, death 4 April 1988, SingaporeChua Thye Khean, death May 1937, PenangQuah Say Keow, death July 1909, PenangYeoh Chuan Ee (Mrs. Ong Tat Cheang), death April 1...Wu Chong Teng and Kang Ah Gnoh, marriage January 1...Soon Cheng Sun and Heah Kooi See, marriage January...Cheah Tek Thye, death January 1935Yeap Chor Ee, death 25 May 1952, PenangOng Chip Joo, death 26 May 1952, SingaporeOng Peng Hong, death September 1929, PenangTan Poon Neo (Mrs. Seet Tiang Seng), death 11 Octo...Yeo Yean Neoh (Mrs. Ong Sam Leong), death 25 May 1...Tan Koon Lian (Mrs. Lim Soon Guan), death 13 Augus...Loh Kong Yew, death 13 August 1920, MalaccaLim Joo Chong, death 17 May 1938, PenangOng Chun Chong, death 28 June 1922, PenangGan Hock Chye, death 28 November 1937, SingaporeTan Geok Swee (Mrs. Chan Choo Tiong), death Octobe...Heah Seok Yeong (Mrs. Lam Chong Chee), death Octob...Yeo Hoon Swi, death 3 August 1937, SingaporeKhoo Phee Soon, death 5 March 1939, SingaporeCheng Quee Neo (Mrs. Tan Jee Toh)Lim Imm Neo (Mrs. Tan Beng Wan), death 10 October ...Lee Quee Choo, death 7 July 1936, SingaporeLim Beng, death 9 October 1963, PenangEng Lee Ah (Mrs. Koh Siow Wah), death 1932, Singap...Lee Kee Soon, death 17 November 1963, PenangMrs. Ong Saw Kooi, death November 1993, PenangGeh Hoon San, death 15 October 1940, PenangGan Geok Neo, death 23 June 1979, SingaporeChuah Hock Seng, death 24 June 1979, SingaporeCheah Loo See (Mrs. Heah Hock Lye), death 25 June ...Yeoh Phee Tin, death 30 September 1983, PenangMary Lim Pheck Guat (Mrs. Chua Khiam Teck), death ...Oei Beng Guat (Mrs. Chia Eng Say), death 25 August...Wee Tiang Seng, death 22 March 1939, SingaporeYap Woo Neo (Mrs. Peck Chin Kiat), death 1 October...Seah Lay (Mrs. Sng Kwee Teck), death 29 September ...Tan Suan Neo (Mrs. Chee Boon Eng), death 7 June 19...Chia Yew Siang, death 8 May 1930, SingaporeHo Bok Kiew (Mrs. Loh Yong), death 13 March 1962, ...Choa Eng Wan, death 18 October 1941, SingaporeTan Tiang Seng, death 21 November 1952, SingaporeNg Yan Chye, death 22 November 1949, SingaporeTan Soo Sim, death 28 June 1932, MalaccaTan Leng Choo @ Wak Leng Choo (Mrs. Kow Eng Watt),...Loke Yew Bee, death 2 October 1937, SingaporeSee Kee Ann, death 13 January 1924, MalaccaCheah Joo Phaik, death 11 January 1924, SingaporeCheah Thye Bee and Irene Yeo Peck Neo, marriage 19...Cheah Beng Cheang, death 18 July 1959, Singapore; ...Tan Keow Nee (Mrs. Lim Mah Seang), death 22 August...Mrs. Loke Yaik Foo, death 31 August 1936, PenangLeong Lok Hing, death 11 May 1912, PenangHo Gaik Imm Neo (Mrs. John Lim), death 13 August 1...Tan Seng Chong, death 20 August 1927Oh Peang Neo (Mrs. Tan Kheam Hock), death 4 May 19...Tan Suat Ngoh Neo, death 1 February 1912, Singapor...Gan Hock Beng, death 5 December 1960, PenangKhoo Kooi Kim, death 18 March 1962, SingaporeQuay Yam Teck, 31 March 1920, MalaccaLim Kee Siew, death 13 August 1921, SingaporeAngelica Phua Ah Liao, death March 1923, Singapore...Chok Shih Chook, death, 21 August 1923, SingaporeMrs. Leong Fook Loy, death 21 September 1923, Sing...Mrs. Lim Keong Lay, death 23 September 1956, Penan...Mrs. Tan Peng Hong, death 16 January 1935, Singapo...Yee Kiew (Mrs. Thum Yee), death 30 June 1962, Pena...Tan Hoon Tan, death 17 June 1956, PenangYeo Tiong Wee, death 14 November 1924Chee Choon Ham, death 23 January 1967, SingaporeOng Sam Leong, death 7 February 1918, SingaporeYeo Swee Kim (Mrs. Tan Pong Guan), death February ...Mrs. Gan Hood Soo, 5 June 1922, SingaporeGan Ngoh Bee, death 3 September 1922, PenangJoseph Chan Teck Hee, death 4 September 1930, Sing...Margaret Hon (Mrs. Khor Cheang Kee), death 31 Augu...Lee Liak Meng, death 31 August 1981, SingaporeLim Soh Liang (Mrs. Heah Joo Seang), death 11 Febr...Cheam Soh Ghim, death 6 October 1966, PenangLim Joo Pheng (Mrs. Ung Chai Tong), death 22 March...Wee Kay Siang, death 31 July 1925, SingaporeMrs. Tan Hap Leong, death 28 August 1909, Singapor...Lim Guat Loo (Mrs. Goh Hock Guan), death October 1...Gwee Cheng Tiong, death March 1920, SingaporeLim Too Pat, (Mrs. Khoo Thean Hock), death 2 Janua...Soh Oh Peng, death 30 September 1940, PenangKhoo Khek Cheang, death 17 April 1958, PenangChan Yee Lim, death 19 October 1958, SingaporeMrs. Kang Khoon Geok, death 8 April 1975, PenangKhoo Hooi Hye, death July 1936Khor Guan Eang, death November 1936Tan Soon Neo, death 26 September 1925Ho Peng Lok, death 25 February 1965, PenangLoke Yaik Foo, death 10 December 1947, PenangKhoo Tiang Khuan, death 29 September 1972, Singapo...Chan Tak Hor, death 11 January 1956, PenangMrs. Tan Teng Pong, death 15 August 1910, PenangGemma Boey Hood Sung, death 16 January 1951, Penan...Khoo Gaik Gim and Sin Hock Choon, marriage 9 Octob...Gunn Chit Hoe and Lucy Lee Siang Jin, marriage Dec...Albert Yeoh Keng Teik and Nancy Lim Siew Har, marr...Quah Cheng Cheok and Saw Eng Kim, marriage January...Lim Phaik Gan (P. G. Lim) and Wee Eng Lock, marria...Tan Chye Yong and Chew Swee Kew, marriage January ...Benjamin Goh Lim Chui and Maggie Ang Kim Kee, marr...Gan Hock Beng and Chew Saw Lan, marriage December ...Khoo Cheng Bock and Tan Tian Neo, marriage Septemb...Khoo Phaik Leng and See Chim Han, marriage March 1...Rose Seow Gek Neo and Eric Khoo Boo Chye, marriage...Khoo Hock Tye and Ong Ah Ngiah, marriage 1938, Kla...Khoo Peng Kin and Ooi Sook Pek, marriage 1936, Sin...Khoo Boo Eng and Annie Lee, marriage August 1957, ...John Tan Cheng Hong and Lark Khoo Gek Choo, marria...Ong Ah Leng and Khoo Cheng Neo, marriage January 1...Khoo Peck Wan and Aster Teoh Poh Kim, marriage Oct...Khoo Geok Sim and Cheok Jiak Kim, marriage Novembe...Peter Khoo Bah Chee, death 22 September 1982; Fran...Khoo Swee Guat and Tan Kim Khit, marriage June 193...Lim Boon Seng and Teo Goh Eng, marriage February 1...Chow Kai, death June 1918, IpohChuah Gim Yew and Teoh Cheng Toe, marriage June 19...Foo Gim Yong and Tan Chong Chew, marriage July 191...Lam Saw Hun and Chew Yuen Kee, marriage 1931, Pena...Lim Siang Lok and Yeow Lay Cheng, marriage 19 Sept...Oh Bian Liam and Lee Guat Soon, marriage 19 Septem...Lam Wye Yin and Khoo Hock Soo, marriage 8 Septembe...Lim Leong Tatt and Chee Joo Tuan, marriage 7 Septe...Lam Swee Cheng and Phung Chok Nam, marriage, Janua...Lam Swee Chun and Khong Kam Tak (K. T. Khong), mar...Chee Huck Boo and Khoo Gim Sim, marriage May 1937,...Chan Pek Peng and Khoo Tat Seng, marriage May 1954...Chew Beow Chin and Lim Phaik Tin, marriage 17 Febr...Lim Boon Hock and Por Joo Lan, marriage January 19...Khoo Heng Swee and Madeline Tan, marriage November...Tye Soo Cheong and Mabel Hu, marriage May 1938, Pe...Tan Huck Wan and Lim Chin Choo, marriage 17 Septem...Heah Seng Hong and Khoo Suat Huar, marriage 16 Oct...Heah Seng Poh and Khoo So Lan, marriage 13 May, 19...Liew Suan Sim and Lim Eng Keat, marriage 23 May 19...Kho Keat Seng and Quah Cheng Keat, marriage 23 May...Yeap Hock Hoe and Ida Oei, marriage 27 November 19...Lee Tiang Keng, death July 1961Helene Lee and Charles Ung, and, Cheah Saik Eng an...Helene Ung, death 1962Mrs. Khor Ewe Keng, death 1959Lim Gim Hock, death 16 August 1958, TaipingChee Khye Seng, death 16 August 1958, PenangLim Chwee Leong, death 31 May 1957, PenangKhor Ewe Keng, death 20 May 1939, PenangTeoh Phaik Im (Mrs. Chan Yen Tam), death 5 May 193...Lim Boon Teng, death 1938Yeoh Seng Lye, death 1933, PenangGoh Kim Cheak, death December 1931, PenangYeoh Chin Lee, death December 1928, PenangYeoh Paik Tatt, death 10 December 1925, PenangLim Paik Joo (Mrs. Gunn Lay Teik, death September ...Ong Teng Neoh (Mrs. Phuah Hin Leong), death 18 Feb...Elain Lim Phaik Keng and William Ng Jit Thye, marr...Lim Paik Joo and Gunn Lay Teik, marriage May 1924Khoo Guat Lee (Mrs. Lim Cheng Teik), death April 1...Chan Kim Boon, death 7 April 1920, PenangMrs. Low Cheng Geok, death April 1920Heah Joo Seang, death 14 May 1962, LondonKhaw Bee Hong (Mrs. Teh Gan Pin), death March 1929...Lee Toon Hua, death 11 January 1923, PenangGoh Taik Chee, death 19 March 1919, PenangLoke Chow Kit, death 29 August 1918, Kuala LumpurLim Taik Hoah and Quah Thean Lok, marriage Decembe...Lee Cheng Wee, death August 1879, SingaporeLau Chaik Pong (Low Sau Chuia), death July 1960Mrs. Ng Boo Bee, death April 1952, TaipingSung Yam, death June 1936, TaipingSaw Boon Tye, death April 1956, TaipingLim Choon Phuan, death January 1950, TaipingMrs. Gan Teow Chong, death December 1950, TaipingLim Sam Kim, death, November 1933, PerakKhoo Chong Boon, death 1952Chung Thye Yong, death November 1915, PenangChung Thye Kam, death August 1933, PenangCheah Phee Ee, death November 1935, PenangLim Kean Tee, death 8 July 1971, PenangKhor Soon Cheng (Mrs Ng Chiang Seng), death 20 Nov...Chan Ah Mui, death 22 November 1959Cheah Hock Kee, death 28 June 1987, PenangLim Eow Teng, death July 1916Chia Giok Kiat (Mrs. Lim Saing), death September 1...Lee Keong Oon (Mrs. Cheah Kee Ee), death October 1...Leong Fee, death 12 April 1912, PenangLoke Chow Thye, death June 1931, PenangBoey Toh Ewe, death May 1936, PenangSee Teong Quee, deathLim Chong Kuo and Tan Layho, marriageTan Hong Neo (Mrs Seow Teck Boo), deathKam Peng Huat, deathNg Cheng Gin Neo (Mrs. Khoo Chok Tap), deathMrs. Seow Eng Chye, deathChoa Kim Hay (Mrs. Lim Chan Eng), deathMrs. Seow Kim Lin (nee Tok Lam Neo alias Wak Glam)...Seow Fong Lin, deathChuah Kee Eee, deathMrs. Kum Peng Huat, deathSeow Tiang Quee, deathSeow Menn LinKwok Ah Thye, deathTan Seow Kwang, deathMrs Seow Ban Seng, deathTan Cheng-Siong, deathSeow Ewe-Lin, deathTan Kheam-Hock, deathLee Swee-Neo (Mrs. Chua Keh Hai), deathTan Jiak-Kim, deathKan Kim-Kee and Chan Yen-Soon, marriageKhoo Heng-Neo and Seet Tiong-Wah, marriageKeng Hoo and Eldest Daughter of Seah Liang Seah, m...Chung Lean-Yin and Lim Yin Weng, marriageChung Say-Hun, deathChung Swee-Wah and Cheah Kok-Cheng, marriageSeow Guat-Beng (Betty) and Lim Koon Teck, marriage...Seow Cheng-Kim and Quek Puay-Gin, marriageMrs Lam Kam Thong nee Chung Siew Ying, deathMrs Chung Keng-Quee nee Tan Gek-Im, deathKhoo Chooi-Lian and Yeoh Seng-Khoe, marriageTeoh Beow-Suan and eldest daughter of Chung Ah Yon...Lim Tien-Sung and Khong Soo-Lin, marriageChung Poh-Len and Lee Tun-Cheong, marriageChung Lam-Kan and Yeoh Cheang-Lee, marriageChung Gaik-Im and Oh Eng-Hong, marriageLee Chin-Ho (Mrs.), deathLee Saw-Khim (Mrs. Loke Yew-Bee), death 4 May 1936...Toh Gim-Seng, deathTan Soo-Jin (Mrs.), deathLee Tiam-Choy, deathTeng Sam-Cheok and Au Siew-Lan, marriageAu Nai-Ming and Chan Yok Ngan, marriageKhoo Hock-Seng, deathSeet Cheong-Tee and Chu Lok-Hun, marriageLee Fatt-Cheong and Ng Choi-Yeok, marriageTan Chong-Beng and Lee Siew-Teok, marriageKhoo Teng-Han and Soong Sin Eng, marriageChew Peck-Leong and Tan Aye-Eng, marriageTan Hong-Lian and Lee Hong-Keow, marriageLo Man-Kam, deathOng Boon-Tat, deathLim Seng-Khoon, deathLoke Chin-Leng and A. G. Beaumont, marriageChoa Kim-Keat, deathD'Cruz (Mrs T. A.), deathTan Kwee-Leoh, deathKhoo Suan-See and Lim Seng-Kim, marriageKhoo Hun-Tee @ Edward Gordion, deathChung Ching-Kim and Lam Hor-Tong, marriageLam Chooi-Lan and Alan Loke, marriageGoh Chong-Keng, deathChung Keng-Quee, death
Jeffery Shin Liang SEOW
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