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John Walker Wright family
Renee "NAY" Horwath
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John W. Wright is my maternal grandfather.  He was one of 10 kids.  They moved to West Plains, Missouri in the late 1800's.  Gramps was born in 1899 and moved to Chicago, Illinois where he married and had three children.  When he retired he moved back to West Plains, Mo. and his son Milt bought the farm where his wife lives today.  His father was Charles and his mom was Nora Mae Pool also of West Plains, Mo.  Nora Mae died in Santa Ana, Ca.  I did have the pleasure of meeting her in a nursing home back in 1971 or so in Santa Ana when visiting gramps brother Charles.  Another ansester was Conrad Carpenter.  I do not know where he fits in the picture.  I am looking for any and all family information possible.  I have a very large family tree I have located many of my decendants but would like more info.  Stories and pictures would be great.  I also found some pictures to share.  My e-mail is ill2mo@hotmail.com and my name is Renee Horwath.  At one time (about 30 years ago) I tried this the old fashioned way through book research.  I gave all my information to grampas cousin Gladys Garrett who also lived outside West Plains, Mo. Any one who could i would appreciate the help.  Thank you Renee Horwath
Renee "NAY" Horwath
Ava, MO
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