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Searching for Ellen Martin, born c1876 Philadelphia, went to New Zealand
David Hanlon
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Just wondering if anyone has any information on Ellen Martin, born in Philadelphia, USA, around 1876. Ellen Martin gave birth to my grandmother, Doris ‘Lulu’ Gwendoline Martin on March 5, 1900 in Wellington, New Zealand. Doris was adopted by James Doyle (1852-1926) and his wife Alice Brooks (1867-1954) in Wellington on May 19, 1900, and became Doris Gwendoline Martin Doyle. In 1919 Doris married Albert Harold Hanlon (1890-1982), and in 1928 married Francis Eric Quinlivan (1899-1986). There was no record of Doris' father on the adoption file, so it looks like the father will remain a mystery. I don't know if Ellen stayed in New Zealand or returned to the USA. thanks very much, David Hanlon Wellington New Zealand

David Hanlon
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