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grampa stephen joseph warren
Richard Warren
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hi, I have been looking for my grampa's obit. and any other info. about him birth,parents,sibs.. The only info. I know for sure is that his wifes name is Elizabeth they had aprox. between 6 & 9 children. They resided in Bell Island Newfoundland Canada. I am 1 of there grandsons .1 of there children was my father (now deceased ). I have taken all ave.'s that I can poss. think or do I am @ a loss. My health is not good & am looking for info. on my family history. If there is anyone that  can help that would be great I can only use free info. as I am on dissability & to find anyone in canada is almost fruitless. So I am looking for Stephen Joseph Warren & wife Elizabeth  fr. Bell Island Newfoundland Canada he passed away approx. 1988-1989. If anyone can find & e mail me it would be Extremly helpful,Thankyou in advance. Richard ps. I check my emails most regular on a daily basis.                                                        
Richard Warren
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