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Delp Family
Valerie Tardiff-McGough
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My name is Valerie, my maternal grandmother was born Estelle Vivian Delp, she had 2 sister's, one was born Phyllis Delp, who lived in Mendahm NJ all her married life. I know that my grandmother's other sister was named Pricilla, and she was the oldest of the family. When my grandmother and Aunt Phyllis were young, their mother left with Pricilla and rumored had it they moved to Texas. My Aunt and my grandmother are both gone now, I am assuming with Pricilla being the eldest she too is gone. My mother and her sister Sharon were always curious as to what happend, why their Grandmother left and would only take Pricilla with her. I would love to know too. Please send an e-mail if you know anything about what happened to Pricilla Delp and her mother
Valerie Tardiff-McGough
Phillipsburg, NJ
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