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Searching for family from Trinidad and Tobago.
Paulina Stoner
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Hi, my name is Paulina Stoner formally DeSylva.  I am from Trinidad and Tabago.  My mother had four sibblings named Norma, Nora, Cecelia and a brother Sunny Domingo.  Cecelia was my god-mother.  Aunt Cecelia and Aunt Nora moved to the States and I don't know where.  Some say New Jersey or New York.  I think Aunt Nora married a man with the last name of Mark. 


I have first and second cousins in the states and do not know where they are.  I know of one cousin named Terrence John who lives in Brooklyn, New York and is married and had two sons the last I heard, they may have had more kids by now.  Last contact with them was ten years ago.  My mother's maiden name was Evelyn Sylva DeSylva and she married an American by the name of Paul Clifford Stoner in December of 1946 in Port of Spain, Trinidad while still stationed there. 


When his tour of duty ended he adopted my sister and I and brought all four of us to America in November of 1947.  I have been in the states every since.  I will never stop looking for my family until the day I die. 

Paulina Stoner
Trinidad and Tobago
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