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Timothy Trogdon
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If you could identify where your connection to the Trogdon family tree begins and the maiden name of person who married a Trogdon it would be helpful in helping you!

Timothy M. Trogdon (me) 1958 Barberton, Oh - living   Donald C. Trogdon 1932 Rittman, Ohio-2000   Sidney Trogdon 1906 Wayne, WV-1986    Pharoah Trogdon (first name changed slightly or used middle name possible altered because had 12 children - he was very busy!)1884 Wayne, WV-1928 Wayne WV    William J. Trogdon 1845 Russel, Russel County Virginia-1867 death date uncertain -  22 years old when married ??    Elijah D. Trogdon 1818 Randolph NC-1898 Virginia   Uriah Trogdon 1790 unk-1811 unk  Samuel Trogdon 1751 North Carolina-  1834 N.C.   William Trogdon or Troughton (Family Patriarch established land holdings near Ashville NC & slave owner, changed name in USA from Troughton) Ulverstone, England- 1805 Franklinsville, Randolph County, NC   Francis Troughton 1695 Ulverstone, England-married 1722 in Ulverstone - death date ??? uncertain    William Troughton  1660 Ulverstone, England date of death ??? uncertain

 Geography beginning with me and working back -  Ohio 3 generations, West Virginia 3 generations,  Virginia 2 generations, North Carolina 4 generations, Ulverstone England 3 generations and connections are lost - a record in a church traces to the 1400s to a Lady Ann Troughton!!  Trogdons or Troughtons have a "Coat of Arms".

Hope this was interesting at least if not helpful oh - my heritage is English, Irish, Scottish, Whales and from my mothers lineage I get the German (stubborn) influence.    Tim Trogdon   


Timothy Trogdon
Cleveland, OH
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