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Family Line
Timothy Trogdon
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Hi, thank you for the kind reply. I just sent all morning establishing my family history back to William in North Carolina who changed spelling of name after coming from England. I have a lady Ann Troughdon in England going back to 1400 or 1500s but of course 5 to six generations are missing because of record keeping in that period.

I'm on my way to library (use printer there) to print about all my work there - I will send you a new post showing my connections back to William - maybe you can let me know which Trogdon we branch off from each other from. there are a lot Irish, Scotts, and Whales in the line besides English - now my mom's side has thrown her German in the mix - yikes a stubborn Trogdon - that is all we need!! Take care.

Tim - A toast to the industious nature of William in the new world!

Timothy Trogdon
Cleveland, OH
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