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Looking for my Family Sorensen in the USA
Anne Mette Jacob
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I am looking for my lost family in USA. My grandmother's brother went to the States from Denmark I think his first name was Sejer and his surname was  Sorensen.

 His wife was Edith and they had 3 children William and James and Ellen.

Ellen Sorensen married Alexander Agdan. James was married to Shirley around 1935 I think.

James was a lieutenant in the US Reserves and William was also in the US Reserves in around 1934.They were at the US citizens military training camps at Fort Lewis Wash around that time.

One of the boys came to Denmark with his wife and daughter to visit my grandmother Kirstine Amnitsbol

in Copenhagen who is theirs Fathers sister . I think 1960ish and I was there and meet them, but I can't remember their names as I

was  only in my early teens. My Mum and Dad was there too.So I am looking for any relatives of them all.

In The picture is Alexander,Ellen, James, Edith, William and grandmothers brother it was taken in 1934

I think.........So can anybody help me, it would be great to find any relatives still alive. As I am making 

the family Tree and there are a few holes to be filed out. I would be so grateful for any help out there.






Anne Mette Jacob
Woking England, United Kingdom
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