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Looking for a sibling born during WWII to unwed mother "Anna"
Margaret Lesley Beck
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My late father, Edward James Dunn (Ted) kept a love letter written to him by "Anna".  Anna was pregnant and her father had them followed and knew all.  He would not let them marry.  She refers to "our story - 'The Young Lovers' when it makes it to the big screen and that maybe then, people will understand".

 My father was an Australian soldier and wounded at the battle of El Alamein and sent to England to recuperate circa 1943.  I can only surmise this is where he met and fell in love with Anna.   My father married my mother in 1944 and I have 6 siblings from this union.  My siblings and I are quite intrigued by this letter and believe we may have a half sibling out there with family.  I have the original letter in my possession

Margaret Lesley Beck
Brisbane, Australia
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