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Lumsden genealogy
Lumsden John F.
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Lumsden is recognized as a Surname in Scotland from 1099. Lumsden has around 50 males who have been Y-DNA tested. In the USA, Lumsdens are present in every state. Also in the USA it is recognized as a "Southern family". By that I mean the two largest Lumsden families descend from George Lumsden and John Lumsden, who both initially appear in Virginia in the mid 1700's. John Lumsden first appears in Prince William County, Virginia where he is recognized as a "Patriot",  for his service to the Revolutionary War efforts. On March 31, 1786, John received from Patrick Henry, Govenor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, a land grant containing 440 acres in the County of Henry on the Maple Swamp, a branch of the Blackwater River.  John had son's who received land grants for their service in the Rev. War, but their parcels were located in Georgia. Several of John Lumsden's family moved to Georgia and were engaged in farming.

George Lumsden first appears as a Sub-Sheriff of Louisa County, Virginia in 1763, where he is also recognized as a "Patriot", and two of his son's given land, one in Virginia and one in North Carolina, for their Rev. War service. George Lumsden's oldest son, Capt George Lumsden, continued the tradition of Sub-Sheriff and remained around Louisa County, VA. Another son, John Lumsden, who received land in North Carolina, moved south to Fayetteville, [Cross-Creek] NC, and his family continued moving south to Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas. Another son, William, moved thru the Cumberland Gap to Kentucky, where he purchased a 300 acre farm. Before leaving Virginia, he was given credit for work on the home of James and Dolly Madison [Montpelier] as the plasterer, which helped him earn enough money to purchase his farm in Kentucky. His sons moved on, one to Illinois, Kansas, and one further west in Kentucky, finally moving to Missiouri and Arkansas.

The third Lumsden line in the USA is the family of Thomas Lumsden and Elizabeth Wilson. Thomas Lumsden's birth was recorded to be in Edinburgh, a city on seven hills. This would lead one to believe that Thomas , whose father was a shepherd, was brought up in the highlands near Edinburgh. The ship carrying immigrants was overcrowded and the journey over rough waters was long. The ship on which Thomas and Elizabeth took passage came into the Gulf of St Lawrence then down the St Lawrence River to Quebec. Their stay there was brief, as the prime farm lands along the banks of the St Lawrence surrounding Quebec were already taken, mainly by the French Settlers. They journed by boat down the St Lawrence River to Montreal only to find the same situation there. They continued moving west toward Lake Huron. The land North of Lake Huron was unsuitable for agriculture, so the family continued moving west, following the shores of Lake Huron until they came to the Saulot Sainte Marie canals, where they crossed over into Michigan. They continued west, again following Lake Superior until they came to Ontonagon, on the western border of the state of Michigan. The family finally found a permanent home in the area we know as Osceola and St Croix Falls.

Thomas and Elizabeth had 10 children. Their 9th child,  Edward Lumsden moved to Deer Park, in the state Washington, where most of his family still reside

Lumsden John F.
Columbus, MS
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