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Looking for children to Albert, Erick, Agnes, Edgar, Walter or Frances Norling who were probably born in Quincy about 1880-1920.
Birgitta Strandberg
Laholm, Sverige
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Erin Kelley
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1900 US Federal Census

Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Charles Norling, head of household b. Oct 1853 in Sweden Immigration 1881     

Hilda C Glans, sister  b. Oct 1857 in Sweden immigration 1887                                  

Albert J A Norling Son age  11  Erick E Norling Son age 7                                             

 Victor Norling brother of Charles age 61 ; b Apr 1839 ; widowed; immigrated 1884   

Victors Children:  Walter  8, Edgar  5, Agnes  3

 Massachusetts Vital Records:

21 July 1888 Charles Norling married Amanda Johnson.  He is 33 b. Sweden, occupation:  quarryman; son of Andrew and Johanna.  Amanda Johnson age 26 b. Sweden daughter of John and Eva.

 All these records reflect that  the parents are Charles Norling and Amanda Johnson.  Charles is noted as a granite cutter, a paving cutter, or stone cutter.  Charles and Amanda are both born Sweden and the address on all records is 19 Wilson St, Quincy.

19 May 1889 Albert A Norling (Quincy 1889 vol. 395 page 398 Birth)

10 Apr 1893 Eric Sevic Norling (Quincy 1893 vol. 431 page 547 Birth)

29 Apr 1895 Hulda or Hilda Johanna Norling (Quincy 1895 vol. 449 page 573 Birth)  She died 7 Mar 1897 from Membraneous Croup age was 1 y 10 m 6 days (Quincy 1897 vol. 473 page 556 Death.)

Harming E Norling died 1 Feb 1894 Epileptic Convulsion age 2 y 8 m 8 days. --Was born approx May 25 1891 if my calculations are correct..I could not find his birth record--(Quincy 1894 vol. 446 page 521 Death)

Banning A Norling died 21 June 1897 from Meningitis.  He was 4 months and 2 days old. (Quincy 1897 vol. 473 page 561 Death.)

 Here is where I ran into trouble the census record states that Victor Norling is 61 yoa and born in 1831.  That has to be a mistake I can only find one Victor J Norling born to Andrew and Johanna Linquist.  On his first marriage record he is 25 yoa.  I know that people were quite liberal with the truth when it came to dates of birth but there is no way he was 61 in 1900.  Here is the information I found for Victor J. Norling;

Victor J Norling marriage Alfreda A Lundquist 28 Mar 1891 in Quincy.  He is 25 s. of Andrew and Johanna Lindquist b. Sweden; Occupation Quarryman. Alfreda Lundquist, 25 daughter of John and Frederica.  First marriage for both.

 Here are the children I can attribute to them.  Victor is always a paving cutter for occupation.  parents are listed as Victor J and Alfreda Lundquist

26 Aug 1893 Elmer William Norling in Quincy.  (Quincy 1893 vol. 431 page 553 Birth) He died 23 Sep 1893 from Convulsions (Quincy 1893 vol. 437 page 546 Death)

6 Nov 1894 Edgar Conrad Norling in Gloucester (Gloucester 1894 vol. 439 page 374)

5 Oct 1897 Agnes Hildergard Norling in Gloucester (Gloucester 1897 vol. 466 page 498 Birth)

I cannot locate the birth record for Walter Norling nor Alfreda's death record but Victor is a widower by 1900.  He is then remarried in 1901.

22 June 1901 Victor J Norling age 39 m. Carolina Carlson age 27.  He is son of Andrew and Johanna Lindquist.  She is daughter of Carl Danielson and Anna Johnson.  2nd marriage for him and first for her.  (Quincy 1901 vol. 514 page 76 marriage.)  There are more children for this couple after their marriage.  Let me know if you would like their information as well.

 If you don't have the US census records I found several for both Sarah Johnson's family and the Norlings.  Let me know.

Erin Kelley
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RE: Norling [2]
Birgitta Strandberg
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Thanks a lot Eron! What a luck for me that you you became a member! I would very much like to know more about the Norlings and especially about Hilda Glans (born 1857 21/10) and Sarah Johnson since I don´t have any records from the USA. Is it possible to see when they died and if Sarah got any children? I´m also interested to know about Eva Mat(h)ilda Glans 1878 12/2 and her sister Emma Augusta Glans 1876 23/9. They are both daughters to Hilda. If it is possible to find anything more about the three siblings Victor(1862 11/4), Charles(1853 23/10) and Emma Norling (1866 23/1) it would be very nice. Bittan.


Birgitta Strandberg
Laholm, Sverige
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RE: Norling [3]
Erin Kelley
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US Federal Census from 1910 Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts

August Johnson b. Sweden apprx 1861 immigrated 1899 age 49

Hilda Johnson b. Sweden age 52

Sarah C Johnson age 6 b. Mass

Augusta Glans age 34 immigrated 1894 stepdaughter to August

Eva Glans age 32 immigrated 1903 stepdaughter to August

Agnes Norling age 13 the relationship says boarder but this is obviously Victor's daughter from his first marriage with Alfreda


1920 US Federal Census Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts

August age 59 head of house hold

Hilda age 62

Sarah age 16

Eva Glans age 41

Frances E Norling age 9 (I believe Victor"s daughter from his second marriage)

 1930 US Federal Census  Milton, Norfolk, Massachusettsns

Augusta Glans is head of household, she is 53

Eva M Glans age 52 sister

Nels O Glans age 22 nephew to Augusta

E August Johnson age 69, stepfather

Sarah C Johnson age 26, half-sister

Albert E Norling age 40, cousin (Charles son)

Frances E Norling age 19 (Victor's daughter)

29 July 1901 Carl A. F. Johnson age 41 m. Hilda G. Glans  age 44.  First marriage for him, second for her.  He is a stonemason and the son of John and Sarah M Johnson.  It is Hilda's second marriage.  She is the daughter of Anders Peter Johnson and Joanna Lindquist and they have her maiden name as Anderson.  They were married by G. Ward Leufstedt at the Swedish Church, Quincy.

 More on Victor Norling:

He was a widow in the 1900 census and remarried in 1901.  By 1920 he is a widow again.

1920 US Federal Census Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Victor, head of household, widow, age 57, owns his own home

Elmer Norling age 18 son of Victor:  {He was born 14 Nov 1901 in Quincy -Quincy 1901 vol. 510 page 83 Birth}

Leonard Norling age 15; son (He was born 6 Sept 1894 in Quincy - Quincy 1904 vol.544 page 95 Birth)

Clifford Norling age 13; son (His birth name is Victor Clifford Norling born 5 Aug 1906 in Quincy -Quincy 1906 vol.560 page 99 Birth)

Other children from Mass Vital Records for Victor and Lena:

2 Dec 1910 Frances Elizabeth Norling in Quincy.  Victor's occupation is now a Fireman.  She is the daughter of Victor and Lena living at 7 Hillside St (Quincy 1910 vol. 592 page 106)

8 July 1908 Stillborn son to Victor and Lena living at 20 Station St.  Victor is a Watchman.

1930  US Federal Census Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts 

Victor is 68 years old and head of household.  He has a servant Annie Hanson age 60 living with him.

 I located Sarah Johnson's death record.  She died 9 Apr 1990 in Scituate, Massachusetts.  She still had her maiden name and I could not find a marriage record for her....so I don't know if she ever married.  Hilda Glans died between 1920 and 1930, unfortunately I don't have access to the records for that time frame.  If you want to follow-up I can tell you how to request those from the state of Massachusetts.  

More for Charles Norling;

1920 US Federal Census Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Charles Norling, age 55, head of household, owns his own home, can read&write

Albert Norling, age 30, son

Lempki Makela, b. Finland, age 32, Housekeeper

Lempki G Makela, daughter of housekeeper age 3 

Charles is married in the record but Amanda is not listed.

I believe he died prior to 1930, I didn't find a 1930 Census for him.  I'll keep digging on that one.

On the sister, Emma Norling..did she have another given name?  I can find no record of an Emma Norling at all in Massachusetts.

Erin Kelley
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Erin Kelley
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What are the parents names?

Erin Kelley
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