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William Taylor, Texas, 1900
camilo quintero
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Hi. I'm looking for mw great great grand father's family, I didn't know him. All I know is what my great great grand mother, from my Mother's side, told about him (she died last year, she was 97). She said he was called WILLIAM TAYLOR (she called him "GUILLERMO" which is William in spanish), came to COLOMBIA (South America) in the 1930's and worked in some mining field or something like that around the Department of Cordoba ("Department" here is something like a "State" in the U.S.). She told me he was tall, white skin, blond, his eyes where green I think and came from Colorado, TEXAS.

They knew each other in the city of MONTERIA, which is located in Cordoba. Their relationship was prety short, yet they had a daughter, my grand mother, named RAQUEL TAYLOR, born 1933 (she is almost 80 now).

Well, that's all I know. Don't have any other info about him, yet today, I have two blond cousins, one of them has green eyes and about a year had a son, also blond hair and blue eyes (and not thanks to her husband). Me and my brothers are tall, yet our father and his family are all very small.

If somebody may know anything, I'd appreciate it. 

camilo quintero
Bogota, Colombia
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