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Carroll Russell Duren
Jane Stopher
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I was wondering if any one knew or is related to Carroll Russell Duren? I have found a death notice showing he died in November of 1984..If you knew him or are related to him ...could you please tell me what happened to him. Was he still married to a women in Florida? How many kids did he end up having? what happened to his brother Butch and his sister Vicky? Well...I found his brother Buster ( Curtis Duren ) his cousin was named Butch and I also found his sister Vicki..I found out that he died at the age of 28... in 1984... from Brain cancer.  At one time I was madly in love with him...I was only 18-19 years old but I thought the sun set in him...I am thankful that God allowed him to be in my life. I learned a LOT from him and will be greatful for the time and the love we were able to share. My heart goes out to his family and his children...now all grown up...Your daddy was a wonderful man. Full of joy and smiles. May you rest in peace Rusty Durren... I pray you are with the Lord.


Jane Stopher
Corbin, KY
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