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Edwards from Ohio, Indiana and Michigan
Gloria Hoover
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I am looking for my great grandfather and greatgrandmother, Daniel J Edwards born in Ohio 1885 and do not know when he died.  He married Della May Gable 1864-1911.  She was either born in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania or Kansas, depending on which records you look at.  She died in LaGrange, Indiana.  It was a horse and buggy accident, a motorcycle scared the horse and she died from the buggy overturning.  They had 8 children a little girl died when she was 11 or 12.  The last child they had was Calvin F Edwards 1903-1980.   The surnames involved that I know of are - Edwards, Gable, Grimminck, King and Dalrymple.  Any help would be much appreciated, I have been looking for these elusive people for many years.  When I was a kid I asked my grandfather (Calvin) what kind of ancestors we had and he said "Horse thieves, bank robbers and flim flam men".  I wonder.
Gloria Hoover
Goodyear, AZ
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