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Barbara Murray
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I am currently working on the search for Downey and Nicely in the Virginia area...to be precise...Longdale, Covington and Clifton Forge.


Jake McShield Nicely

Hattie Mae Downey

Jake Matthew Nicely 


I have taken over the search for my mother who started it over 10 years ago...she has had not much luck...and becausae of health issues, she is unable to continue the search, I promised her I will try, although I do not believe I will have any more luck then she did, but I promise to try, so here I am.

Jake McShield Nicely married my mother's mom, Frances Althea Kupa in Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii on 9-30-1940...Jake was stationed at Fort Ruger, U.S. Army.  I have a copy of their marriage certificate...Jake Matthew Nicely born in Clifton Forge and Hattie Mae Downey born in Covington is listed as his parents.  I also have a copy of their Divorce Decree...which the divorce was filed by my grandmother for desertion.  Any informaton would be appreciated.

 Thank You


Barbara Murray
Edmonds, WA
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RE: Downey/Nicely
Donna Leigh Craft
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Hi, Barb. I just read your message. I live in Clifton Forge, and my brother-in-law is related to the Nicelys and Downeys. I'll do what I can to help you locate your family, but I need some more info if you have it. Did your mom grow up in the Clifton Forge area? If so, I need her name, birth date, etc. Any other names, ie, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, would be very helpful.

My brother-in-law is Robert Preston Putnam. His mother was a Nicely, and he grew up in Nicelytown (near Longdale). He's suffering from senile dementia, but his longterm memory is still good, so it's very possible he can help. That's why I need the info about your mom. He probably knows her if she grew up here. Also, did she go to school here? Sounds like they are about the same age-he's 78, so if she grew up in the same area, they probably went to school together.

 Do you know where your family is buried? If so, I can take photos for you if you'd like. Most of the family is buried at 3 local church graveyards, so it wouldn't be hard for me to get the photos.

Do you have an ancestery.com membership? If not, don't worry. I'm a member and will researach for you.

I can be reached at dgibby@aol.com.


Donna Craft

Donna Leigh Craft
Ladson, SC
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