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Reily Genealogy -
O. W. (Wain) Reily, III
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This is my Reily line... 

Robert Reily married Ann (unknown) about 1764 South Carolina

Samuel Reily married Martha Nelson McDonald in South Carolina - moved to Mississippi Territory about 1810.

John Young Reily married Mary _________ - lived in Wilkinson County, Mississippi and East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana 

Samuel Warburton Reily, Sr. married Mary Charlotte Boatner - moved to Morehouse Parish, Louisiana from East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana about 1850

John Boatner Reily, Sr. married Bettie Ward - lived and died in Collinston, Morehouse Parish, Louisiana

Orville Wainwright Reily, Sr. married Dot Higginbotham - lived and died in Bastrop, Morehouse Parish, Louisiana

Orville Wainwright Reily, Jr. married Gloria Jo Kennedy - Born in Bastrop, Louisiana - died in Cleveland, Mississippi

Orville Wainwright Reily, III lives in Columbus, Mississippi - E-mail:

O. W. (Wain) Reily, III
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