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I am looking for a birth ceretificate for a Robert Plourde or Boulot
Rosemary McMeekin-Desjardins
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My ex husband has a half brother who was born in Fort Kent, Maine in 1935-37.

He isn't sure if his name is Robert Plourde or Robert Poulote. His Mother's name was Irene.

He contacted the family a few years ago. His Mom had died and he was living in California.

If anyone could help me find his birth certificate then maybe I would be able to find him in California.

His father would be Romeo Theodore Desjardins he was from New Canada Plantation, Maine.

Romeo father was Henery Desjardins His mother was Alice Sweeny Desjardins.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Rosemary McMeekin-Desjardins
Canaan, ME
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