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Homer Cates
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Looking for Grandpa.  Homer Cates, worked in Eldorado Illinois in 1934 in a factory.  Was married with children. Blond, blue eyed and stocky build.  (with research knowing he was older than Gmaw) He might have been born in Ina Illinois and could be on the draft of WWI registration card of 1917-1918, Roll # 0521, Maybe Homer Clarence Cates born July 12 1892. Anna might be the wife, children by them were Delber Cates age 12 in 1930, Charles W. Cates (less than 1) in 1930, Cearl age 8 in 1930, Fadi M Cates, age 4 in 1930.

He never knew he had another child (my mother whom is now gone) with my grandmother, gmaw was ashamed, never would talk about it,  Gmaw was age 20 in 1934.  The birth was a secret (and during the time he was married.)  All I want is to know my kin!  on my mother's mother's side. She ( my Mother) always wanted to know before she died.  Someone out there has heard I know.  Thank you    Jamie Strong   jstroids@comcast.net       4-6-2012      Have been looking for him for years!




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