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Edward Boucher, before 1656 to 1709, Somerset, UK
Jonathan Boucher
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Hi all,

I'm having trouble finding Edwards's ancestors.

This is what we know about him:

Birth: before 1656, Milverton, England, UK.

Death:1709, Wiveliscombe, England, UK.

Spouse Sarah Eames

Family Members:Children:Ann Boucher, Edward Boucher, Grace Boucher, John Boucher, Thomas Boucher, Robert Boucher, William (Butcher) Boucher --

A yeoman farmer who lived in the parish of Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England.

EDWARD BOUCHER the Elder of Milverton, alt spelt BUTCHER.   Our first known ancestor (in Wiveliscombe) is EDWARD BOUCHER "The Elder" of Milverton, spelt BUTCHER  Took a land grant by copy of Court Roll of Simmon's Holt  (Langley) in the Parish of Wiveliscombe, on 7 May (17 Chas. I) 1641…(description of titles, deeds) on May 7 1641.    On March 24 1656, Lady Hawley made  a lease to Thomas Hedford od Ester Broadfields for 99 years determinable - based on lives of John Hedford, Thomas Boucher and John Boucher, sons of Edward Boucher of Wiveliscombe. On April 22 1669, Edward Boucher took a grant of Atkin's Tenement at Ford, Wiveliscombe, for the lives of himself and John and Edward, his sons.(This cottage still exists and is known as Atkin's Cottage). He is described as Edward Boucher The Elder of Wiveliscombe.   His will is dated June 17 1705, proved 23 May 1710   Buried at Wiveliscombe 18 Nov 1709 . 

Any help would be appreciated - thanks, Jonathan Boucher

Jonathan Boucher
New Zealand
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