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Sveksna, Lithuania
Esther Herschman-Rechtschafner
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I am organizing a website for the town of Sveksna, Lithuania. Please send me any information that you may have about Sveksna/ and or people who came from Sveksna.remarc@ein-zurim.co.ilThanks,ESTHER
Esther Herschman-Rechtschafner
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RE: Sveksna, Lithuania
Joan Struck
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Dear Esther,

I found you interesting information on Sveksna in Jewish gen and my heritage.

i am going to sveksna on the 23 June with a guide.

 it is part of an organised trip that I am taking from Israel for 7 days.

my late father in law came from sveksna and went to South Africa in the 1920's.

he was Bennie Struck, the name was originally Struk or Strukus. I have found quite a bit of information on Jewish gen.

 i was wandering if you could help me with a few more ideas or suggestions.

my father in law came from a large family. 14'children, he was the youngest. His father was Shmuel Tzodik.

his mother Leah. There is a record of his brother Baruch paying a box tax.

i do not know the names of the many siblings that were murdered in the Shoah. Leah had a business and a shop.

 5 children went to the USA South America and SA. Do you know how I can go about finding all the other names? There is no reference in the Yad Vashem record of victims in the hall of names and I very much want to record and memorize there deaths.

also is there anything I should ask the guide to show me while I am there? I know the town has only 29 street.

is there a memorial to the Jews? 

many thanks.

joan Struck,  joan_struck@yahoo.com




Joan Struck
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