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Ozcakow (Oczakiw)
Freimut Zoll
- Tutup
Hello, Turkish friends!

There is a problem with my ancestors:

I have a 6x Grandmother, who was the daughter of Abbas, the Cadis and treasury-governor of the turkish emperor in Oczakow, Ukraine. In 1737 the fortress Oczakow became conquested and deleted by the Grand Russian Army. The Cadis Abbas' children were captured and braught to St. Petersburg. My above mentioned grandmother Abbas Cachiane Kaefe Rhebisch came to Braunschweig and became dame of the senior duchess.

All we know were the tales of the 15 years old girl, there are no documents.

What we wish to actually know:

Are there in Oczakow archives or museums holding any material about that time in Oczakow fortress?

Are there informations about the further being of Abbas, especially his family in Constantinopel where he was born about 1670?

Any information is most willingly accepted. Thanks in advance!

Best Regards


Freimut Zoll
- Jawab