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Ms. Emilia Andreasdotter and Mr. Olof Berg in US
Kaj Johnsson
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I am looking for an older brother of my maternal Grandfather, Mr. Sven Kullberg, born in Loshult 1875-06-29. Loshult is a small village in the northern part of the Skåne county , south of  Sweden. Most of the siblings in the Kullberg Family are born in this village, Loshult. Some of them emigrated to USA and Canada. Among others Mr. Olof Kullberg, born 1869-06-25. He get married 1892-04-22. Emigrated to the US 1892-07-11 from the harbour of Malmö and was registrated in New York 1892-07-21 according to source Emigration, 1783-1951. Database: Emihamn. Source code: 182:3633:7740. After his military service at artillery group in Krisitanstad town, he changed his surname from Kullberg to Berg, which he used in the US.

In principle all emigrants depart from Gothenburg to US and Canada. Therefore I wonder whether emigrant boats sailed directly from Malmö to New York or eventually sailed via Copenhagen?

I am also looking for Emilia Andreasdotter born in Loshult, Skåne län, Sweden 1867-04-03, before she married Mr. Olof Berg. The reason for my notification of mission person depends on her earlier journey to the US and return back to Sweden because of her fathers death. The next journey was made in 1892.See above. What I know so far is information in Emigranten Populär, 1783-1951 Swedish Emigration Records, 1783-1951 about Emilia Andreasdotter first travel to the US.

Accessible information is: Destination: Escanaba. Record Date: 5 may 1887. Port of Departure: Malmö. Archive Call Number: 1887:2024:4250. Database: Emihamn. 

According to the Parish Church Register of Pjätteryd, Kronoberg County, Sweden, Emilia was leaving Pjätteryd 12 apr 1887. Therefore the Record Date: 5 may 1887 makes sense.

What I really looking for and can´t find information of is the way back to Sweden in 1890. According to the Parish Church Register of Pjätteryd, Kronoberg County, Sweden, Emilia arrived to Pjätteryd 14 sep 1890. In other words emigration records like Port of Departure, Date of Departure. Corresponding information as in the Swedish Emigration Records. But from the US to Sweden.

Is there any information regarding Mr. Olof Berg and Ms Emilia Andreasdotter fate in the US? Especially among genealogists of the Kullberg family?

Kaj Johnsson
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