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Anderson Brooks
Patricia Christine Wells
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I am trying to find out some info on my great-great grandfather, Anderson Brooks.  All the info I know is from an 1880 Federal Cencus in Hamilton County, TN.  In 1880, he was around 60 which would put his birth in 1819 or 1820.  He married the mother of my great grandfather about 4 years before and in 1880, had 3 kids, all under 3.  With him being 60 with a young family, this makes me think he was probably married previously.  I cannot find any more info.  The cencus said he was born in NC, but other cencuses of his decentants say he was born in TN.  There is a possibility that he could have been born in the State of Franklin which was once part of NC and is now part of TN.  Does anyone have any info on this Anderson Brooks?  I have been working on this for a couple of years with no result.  Any help, hints or suggestions are welcomed!  Thanks so much!

Christine Wells

Enoree, SC (from Chattanooga, TN)

Patricia Christine Wells
Enoree, SC
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