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missing friend
Ann Smith
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I am trying to locate a guy by the name of Christopher Gordon walters last know address was Australia possibly the Gold Coast or Brisbane. I have googled his name with a surprising result of his mother & fathers name and a family tree name of Shivas Thompson but when you click on the link it does not allow you to view the full information. Chris would be in his early to middle 60's by now and around 6ft tall of slim build and light browny blonde hair. He has 2 sisters I think but both mum & dad have passed away. The main reason for my contact is to say Hi after alot of years but also to let him know my husband has passed away as the both worked together setting up our transport company in mid 80's on the Gold Coast Australia. i would like to contact him if possible and if you need more info please advise.
Ann Smith
Christchurch, New Zealand
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