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Looking For half siblings
Janine Davis
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I wonder if anybody can help, I am looking for some of my lost siblings if anybody knows the wereabouts I would be forever in your debt.

I am looking for a Beryl Janice Thomas Born on 02/02/1939  in Qld Mother Phyllis Lorraine Braby Father William Thomas.  I have no other details about her if she was adopted or her married name etc.  I do know that she wrote to a B Darwen about 10 years ago looking for her brother Edward Arthur Darwen.

I am also looking for Edward Arthur Darwen last know to have a shop in Ipswich Qld his date of birth is 09/12/1942 Father Edward James Darwen - Mother Phyllis Lorraine Braby / Thomas.

I am also looking for a Raymond Raine / Braby /Schlaminski he could be under any of the above names he was born in 1947 Parents Russian American Soldier (Schlaminski) - Mother Phyllis Lorraine Braby.  He was brought up by Iris Braby / Mullens / Raine  (Phyllis's sister) until he was about 18years old and learnt that she was not his mother and went off to NT and has never been heard of since.  Any information would be greatfully appreciated.

There is probably more siblings that I have not yet learnt about so anybody whos mothers name is Phyllis Lorraine Braby, born Home Hill, Ayr Queensland  around 24/08/1921 I would love to hear from you.



Janine Davis

Janine Davis
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