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World War 2
Gail Watson
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 I have exhausted all avenues so I am hoping someone can help me. I will tell you all I know. My Grandfather fought in World war 2, I believe he was stationed in England. He lived in Brechin Angus Scotland. His skills were being a Mechanic and Engineer. I have found an insert in an Almanac in Brechin Library showing his name being on a Muster Roll under the R.A.F. as a instructor.. I have been told by a friend of my Grandfathers who is elderly that he was responsible for the balloon barrages. I am the eldest grandchild and have been searching for several years. If he is noted in an Almanac there must be some information somewhere out there. Here is the details:

Frank Lawson Smart-born Apr.2/1901 in Kirriemuir Angus Scotland

Wife: Elizabeth Lindsay Nicoll

resided 3B Castle Str Brechin

Parents William Smart and Anne Robertson Lawson

He died May 1981 in Canada coming here after the war.


Gail Watson

Ontario Canada


Gail Watson
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