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Hoch family from the Bas Rhine Alsace region in France
Gail McClain
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I am trying to find out if there are any Hoch family menbers left in the Bas Rhine Alsace area.  My father's family left the region around 1860.  But there was still family there at that time.  I am trying to find the decendents of a George Joseph Hoch Jr who was married to a Maria who died Feb. 11 1897.  They had two sons and one daughter.  George Joseph III,.born 1881,  Joseph Francis V born 1882 and Katherina born May 1 1883.  . 

 George III married and had two children, one daughter and a son possibly named John.  No further  infomation on George's family. 

No further infomation on Joseph Francis V or  Katherine 

I would appreciate any infomation.  Thank You  Gail Hoch McClain

Gail McClain
Bloomington, IL
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