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Thomas Malachi KIRKLAND b.1912 - d.1982 Birmingham, AL
Alexis Chisolm
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I'm looking for information on my great grandfather Thomas KIRKLAND. He was born in Birmingham, Alabama (b. 02 April 1912 - d. 1982). He lived in Jefferson County his entire life. His father's name was Hezekiah Kirkland (b. 1887) and he was one of his 15 children. Thomas’ brothers’ names were Herman, Willie, Warren, Earnest, Theodore, and Nathanial and his sisters’ names were Leola, Ruby, Barbara, Alicia, and Carol.

Thomas KIRKLAND made a living as a coal miner and in 1927 or 1928 married my great grandmother, Nelly Alexander (d. 1962). Together they had 14 children; one of them is my grandmother Beretha (Kirkland) Huff. 

If you have any information on my great grandfather himself, my great grandmother, his parents, his siblings, or any of his children I would greatly appreciate it.

Alexis Chisolm



Alexis Chisolm
Bridgeport, CT
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