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Goodwin & McDonald
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I am seeking the information of my great great great grandmother and grandfathers (Patrick Goodwin and Susan McDonald) children whom I know little about, besides where they were born, who there children are, who there brother and sister-in-laws are, and where they died. I do not know the exact where about's of their burial, or how they lived. Also, I am unaware of the day when Owen Goodwin and Mary Goodwin (month and day) died. Patrick Goodwin- B. in Ireland (unknown where about's). D. 10/8/1883 Hinsdale, MA. Susan McDonald-B. in Ireland (unknown where about's) D. Hinsdale, MA (unknown date). Anna Mildred Goodwin Reardon 11-19-1898 Goodrich St. Hinsdale, MA. 5-26-1975 24 Sharp Hill Rd. Wilton, CT. ********************************************************************** Father: John J. Goodwin 1863 Liverpool, UK 6/13/1946 Plymouth, MA His Father: Patrick Goodwin. Ireland.? 10-08-1883 Hinsdale, MA.? His Mother: Susan McDonald Ireland ? Hinsdale, MA.? Mother: Catherine Hanrahan 12/14/1865 Dalton, MA 8/12/1930 Plymouth, MA. Her Father: William Hanrahan Ireland ? Dalton, MA ? Her Mother: Anne Murphy Ireland ? Dalton, MA.? CHILDREN OF PATRICK GOODWIN & SUSAN McDONALD John J. Goodwin 05-29-1863 Liverpool, England 06/13/1946 Plymouth, MA. Franklin Goodwin 03-09-1865 Hinsdale, MA 03-09-1941 Anna Goodwin 08-12-1867 “ 06-29-1933 James Goodwin 02-20-1870 “ 07-21-1901 Thomas Goodwin 01-27-1872 “ 06-10-1948 Dalton, MA. Mary Goodwin 04-11-1874 ? ? 1964 Plymouth, MA *Owen Goodwin 02-11-1876 “ 02 ? 1963 Plymouth, MA *Margaret Goodwin 02-11-1876 “ 02-20-1954 Plymouth, MA Elizabeth Goodwin 01-26-1879 “ 07-23-1965 Plymouth, MA Hugh Goodwin 04-26-1881 “ 12-01-1956 Plymouth, MA * = Twins I would really appreciate any information you have on my great great grandfather and grandmother, and my Great Great Great Grandmother Susan Mcdonald. Joe Reardon researching: Goodwin, McDonald
joseph reardon
Wilton, CT
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