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Swisher DNA Testing
G. Arnett
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Interested  Swisher, Switzer, Sweitzer, , Schweitzer, Schweizer, Switcher etc etc researchers are urged to order DNA tests directly from the Family Tree DNA Switzer- 2 DNA Project- You will receive a Project discount and be able to  network with long time Switzer related family researhers and cousins of all lines to get  more experienced advice on what DNA have already been done and what tests shoud be ordered for your possible Switzer family connections.

Collbaoration is impotant to solving our family riddles-  go to the source of activity, not rogue projects that are making a percentage off your order for commerical purposes!! If you have done DNA testing in your lines in competing companies and websites-

- go ahead and contact the Switzer-2 DNA project and we will make sure you connect your results to the FTDNA Project. Rememeber though before you purchase from competing companies that FTDNA charges extra to convert your DNA tests to FTDNA standards and put in their database.  Generally, you can enter FTDNA's DNA information in othr compaies for free- that's because they are the competitors and are trying to catch up - when they fail - they will go out of business just like longtime original companies did this past year in 2011  like Relative Genetics, DNA Heritage ect etc, what happens to your DNA results then? Think twice before your order. - If you don't,  we will help you out the best we can!


G. Arnett
Nuevo, CA
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