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I am trying to find details of my Great Granddad’s parents. My Great Granddad was Arthur Jefferson Montague born 5th November 1868 in St. Georges, Bermuda.

Arthur married Fanny Frances King 21st October 1889 in Portsea Island near Portsmouth, England. Fanny was born 1872 in Portsea, England.

According to Arthur and Fanny’s marriage certificate Arthur’s father is Alfred Montague with no occupation and Fanny’s is George King, a dockyard man.

Arthur was in the Merchant Navy between 1st October 1884 until 10th November 1896 and 24th May 1906 until 17th May 10911 according to a government record.

In the 1901 English census Arthur and Fanny’s address is 1A Alma Terrace, Harrow where his occupation is a “Sehooly” Messenger and the 1911 English census has Arthur and Fanny’s address as 43 Russell Ave, Wood Green, Edmonton where his occupation is a Bank Hall Porter.

Arthur and Fanny had the following children:

Arthur Harold Montague born 1902 in Harrow On The Hill, England who was awarded a Mercantile Marine Ribbon and British Medal Ribbon 12th August 1919 and again 8th December 1924 according to a government record.

Achibald Jefferson Montague born 1904 in Harrow On The Hill, England. He was a motor mechanic who seems to have married Margaret Allanson in 1922 Gateshead, England and/or Anne Hilda Stear (another mechanic) in 1923 St. Catherines, Lincoln County, Thorold TWP, Canada.

Frederick Ivor Montague born 1907 in Kentish Town, London, England. He was a cook/hotel porter in February 1947 and sentenced for bigamy in Brisbane, Australia for marrying Eileen Mary Shay 9th March 1946 whilst still being married to Polly Montague (maiden name Zuch). Frederick was later engaged to Gloria Mavis Holding 26th February 1951 where the The Courier Brisbane newspaper indicates Arthur Jefferson Montague had died.

Stanley Leonard Montague born 1911 in Wood Green, London, Middlesex, England.

Alfred George Montague born 29th April 1908 in Wood Green, Edmonton, London, England married Rose Frances Thorogood (born March 1917 in Romford, London, England). He was a Merchant Navy seaman between 31st October 1923 to 28th October 1927 and had tattoos down each arm according to a government record.

Arthur and Fanny also had another child but I do not have a name or sex just know they lived and died between the 1901 to 1911 English census.

I am after further information on Arthur Jefferson Montague’s parents names and details to continue my family tree but would welcome any information on the family as a whole. I have contacted the Bermudian Registry office for Arthur’s birth certificate but they have little or no records before 1910.



Andrew Montague
United Kingdom
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